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Workshop Hosts:


It is our great pleasure to invite you to IW-CIGSTech 10, the international workshop on CIGS technology jointly organized by IPVF, HZB and ZSW in Paris, France.

About the workshop

IW-CIGSTech has been an important annual international workshop focusing on CIGS solar cell technology since 2010, combining scientific and technological aspects with their industrial applications. The workshop consists of invited talks, discussions and poster presentations. It will take place as a two-day event on Thursday, 23rd May, and Friday, 24th May, 2019, with an evening networking event on 23rd May.

Daniel Lincot, IPVF
Michael Powalla, ZSW
Rutger Schlatmann, HZB
Hans-Werner Schock, consultant, formerly HZB

Important Dates:

IW-CIGSTech 10
May 23/24, 2019
Registration deadline

Social Media

For the promotion of and feedback to the workshop, please use the hashtag #iwcigstech10 in your communication.


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