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How to get from IW-CIGSTech 9 to E-MRS

The trains shown below are shown only for overview purposes. They are valid now and subject to change. Please make sure to check times and availability via the website of Deutsche Bahn.

For information how to reach the congress centre in Strasbourg, please refer to the Practical Information page of EMRS (scroll down to "Reaching the Congress Centre"). The Centre is 15 to 20 minutes from the Central Railway Station in Strasbourg. Take the Tramway lines B and E and exit at Wacken tram stop.


Trains from Stuttgart to Strasbourg on Monday, 18 June 2018

Train station Dept. / Arrival Platform Train type & no. Destination
Stuttgart-Österfeld 18:27 dept. 2 S1 to: Plochingen
Stuttgart Main Station 18:40 arr. 102
18:54 dept 9 TGV 9570 to: Paris Est
Strasbourg 20:13 arr.
Stuttgart-Österfeld 18:42 dept 2 S1 to: Kirchheim Teck
Stuttgart Main Station 18:55 arr. 102
19:11 dept. 8 IC 2262 to: Basel Bad Bf
Offenburg 20:24 arr.
21:05 dept. SWE 87462 to: Strasbourg
Strasbourg 21:34 arr.
Stuttgart-Österfeld 19:32 dept. 2 S3 to: Backnang
Stuttgart Main Station 19:45 arr. 102
19:58 dept. 11 IC 2062 to: Karlsruhe Hbf
Karlsruhe 20:50 arr.
21:16 dept. RE 4743 to: Konstanz
Appenweier 21:56 arr. 2
22:10 dept. 9 SWE 87464 to: Strasbourg
Strasbourg 22:34 arr.

Important Dates:

June 18, 2018
Registration deadline
June 14, 2018, 6 p.m.
Fab visit NICE Solar EnergyJune 19, 2018

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