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Workshop Hosts:

International Scientific Committee

Marika Edoff, Uppsala University, Sweden
Daniel Lincot, IPVF, France
Michael Powalla, ZSW, Germany
Rutger Schlatmann, HZB, Germany
Hans-Werner Schock, retired from HZB, Germany
William N. Shafarman, University of Delaware, USA
Susanne Siebentritt, University of Luxembourg, Luxemburg
Ayodhya N. Tiwari, EMPA, Switzerland
Takahiro Wada, Ryokoku University, Japan
Xudong Xiao, Chinese University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong, China

Organizing Comittee

Sophie Spangenberger
Annett McBeath
Claudia Brusdeylins

Social Media

For the promotion of and feedback to the workshop, please use the hashtag #iwcigstech11 in your communication.


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