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Update: IW-CIGSTech 11 cancelled due to Corona Situation

In Germany, the coronavirus is spreading more and more. In this situation we are obliged to act responsibly and with foresight. Following the announcement of the Berlin Senate Chancellery on 11 March 2020, the HZB is cancelling all events and visitor groups until 20 July 2020. We ask for your understanding. We will try to arrange an alternative date after this period.

We will let you know about new developments as soon as possible - please check this website occasionally and/oder ask to be added to our mailing list via

Michael Powalla, ZSW
Rutger Schlatmann, HZB
Hans-Werner Schock, consultant, formerly HZB

Social Media

For the promotion of and feedback to the workshop, please use the hashtag #iwcigstech11 in your communication.


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