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IW-CIGSTech 7 was held as a parallel event of EU-PVSEC on Tuesday, 23rd June, in Munich, Germany. It was organized jointly by HZB and ZSW. For impressions from the workshop, see the gallery below. The 2016 program may be found on this page.

A report on IW-CISGTech 7 has been published as "Significant progress in CIGS thin-film solar
cell technology reported at IWCIGSTech7" in PV International. By clicking on the image below, you may download the pdf version of the report.

Previous workshops up to 2015 were organized by PVcomB, the technology transfer-oriented research institute of Helmholtz-Zentrum Berlin für Materialien und Energie. For the scope of those events, see the IW-CIGSTech 6 website.

IW-CIGSTech 7 in Munich (photo: ZSW)
IW-CIGSTech 7 in Munich (photo: ZSW)

Report on IW-CIGSTech 7 in PV International
Report on IW-CIGSTech 7 in PV International

Impressions from IW-CIGSTech 7

  • Rutger Schlatmann (HZB) and Michael Powalla (ZSW) welcome the workshop participants to IW-CIGSTech 7.

  • Prof. Tiwari from EMPA (CH) talks on the role of CIGS in future photovoltaics

  • Dr. Dimmler from Manz poses a question to the speaker

  • Prof. Topic, General Chairman of the EU-PVSEC conference and Chairman of European Technology & Innovation Platform Photovoltaics (ETIP PV)

  • Question from the floor

  • Dr. Lundberg from Solibro (SE) gives an update on the firm's recent progress

  • Dr. Orgassa from Manz CIGS Technology (D) poses a question

  • A question from the floor

  • Dr. Schmidt from HZB (D) talks about atmospheric pressure in-line RTP for CIGS

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For the promotion of and feedback to the workshop, please use the hashtag #iwcigstech11 in your communication.


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